B-17s of the 306th Bomb Group unload their planesThey were the darkest days of the Second World War:  American air crews fought their way to and from heavily defended targets deep inside Fortress Europe and the far reaches of the Pacific.  These young men and women fought valiantly and many did not return, but they changed the direction of a terrible war, insuring victory and securing the freedom which we enjoy today.

AAFHA Display at Teterboro Airport, NY - Fall 1999

Formed in 1993, the Army Air Forces Historical Association®, based in northern New Jersey, is an historical and educational non-profit organization.  The association participates in air shows, historical retrospect's, educational programs and seminars providing static displays of World War II Army Air Forces memorabilia.  These artifacts portray what service life was like when the world was at war and fathers, sons and daughters trained and served in many distant locations.

Some of our most frequently asked questions:

I want to find more info about my family member who served in the Army Air Forces in WWII.  Where do I for to look for information?

We can send you the web addresses of Veterans groups or other associations if you have some unit info about your relative.  Just send us a note.

If you have no info at all, here's a listing of many suggestions on how to find more information. (Courtesy of our friends at armyairforces.com)

What is the chronology of the US Army Air Forces?  It has had several names over the years.  What were the names and in what year did they change?

1907 - Aeronautical Section of the Signal Corps. 
1914 - Aviation Section (Signal Corps). 
1918 - United States Army Air Service 
1926 - United States Army Air Corps 
1941 - United States Army Air Forces 
1947 - United States Air Force

Read an article that discusses the issue:
Was it the AAF or Air Corps during WWII?

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