We Must Always Remember
Respect and Honor
The Veterans of World War II

An ongoing special project locates and records Veterans' Oral Histories so that an authentic and detailed account of their experiences, and time honored sacrifices, are preserved for posterity.

AAFHA’s Oral History Project now includes 41 Veteran’s Histories.  We are currently making 18 of these available to the public for a donation of $25 each.

Oral Histories

These Oral Histories are transcribed and placed into spiral-bound booklets, using all acid-free materials.  They are comprised of transcribed, taped interviews or diaries, with photographs, maps, papers and letters that illustrate the text.

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If you are a Veteran of the Army Air Force or WWII, we invite you to enlist free of charge so you can share your experiences with us.  Just fill out the form.

Looking for Information about Veterans?

National Archives and Records Administration
Regional Records Service


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