Army Air Forces
1st Air Force - Mitchell Field - Air Defense of Eastern USA and Air Force Training
2nd Air Force - McChord Field, WA; Ft. George Wright, WA; Colorado Springs, CO - Air Defense of of Northwestern USA and Air Force Training
3rd Air Force - MacDill Field, FL; Tampa, FL - Air Defense of Southeastern USA and Air Force Training
4th Air Force - Hamilton Field, CA; San Francisco, CA - Air Defense of Southwestern USA and Air Force Training
5th Air Force - Australia, New Guinea, Schouten Islands, Philippines, Okinawa - Combat SW Pacific
22nd Bomb Group
43rd Bomb Group
475th Fighter Group
6th Air Force - Airbrook Field, Panama Canal Zone - Defense of the Panama Canal and Antisubmarine Operations
7th Air Force - Hawaii, Saipan, Okinawa - Air Defense Hawaii, Combat Central/Western Pacific
78th Fighter Group
8th Air Force - England - Combat - European Theatre Operations
Mighty Eighth Museum
34th Bomb Group
44th Bomb Group
91st Bomb Group
92nd Bomb Group
93rd Bomb Group
94th Bomb Group
95th Bomb Group
96th Bomb Group
97th Bomb Group
98th Bomb Group
100th Bomb Group
303rd Bomb Group
305th Bomb Group
306th Bomb Group
351st Bomb Group
379th Bomb Group
381st Bomb Group
384th Bomb Group
385th Bomb Group
388th Bomb Group
390th Bomb Group
392nd Bomb Group
398th Bomb Group
401st Bomb Group
447th Bomb Group
448th Bomb Group
452nd Bomb Group
453rd Bomb Group
457th Bomb Group
463rd Bomb Group
467th Bomb Group
486th Bomb Group
487th Bomb Group
492nd Bomb Group

4th Fighter Group
361st Fighter Group
352nd Fighter Group
357th Fighter Group
367th Fighter Group

The Writing 69th

9th Air Force - Egypt, England, France - Combat North Africa, Tactical Airforce European Theatre of Operations - Troop Carrier
365th Fighter Group
404th Fighter Group
406th Fighter Group
10th Air Force - China, Burma, India - Combat China, Burma, India
22nd Bomb Group
308th Bomb Group
341st Bomb Group

347th Airdrome Squadron
11th Air Force - Elmendorf Field, Alaska, Adak, Alaska - Combat Japan and Aleutians
12th Air Force - England, Algeria, Tunisia, Italy - Combat North Africa, Mediterranean

340th Bomb Group

13th Air Force - New Caledonia, Espiritu Santo, Mexico, Guadalcanal, Los Negros, New Guinea, Noemfoor, Morotai, Philippines - Combat South Pacific, Southwest Pacific

13th Air Force
390th Bombardment Squadron

14th Air Force - Kunming, China; Peishiyi, China - Combat - Chine, Burma India
15th Air Force - Italy, Tunisia - Combat European Theater Operations

2nd Bomb Group
450th Bomb Group
454th Bomb Group
456th Bomb Group
461st Bomb Group
463rd Bomb Group
483rd Bomb Group
484th Bomb Group

332nd Fighter Group

20th Air Force - Saipan, Guam, Tinian - Combat India, Burma, Western Pacific.

39th Bomb Group
40th Bomb Group


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